Naughty Wood


NAT006 Prototype Substace EP

- Villan X / James T Cotton

NAT002 Heartbeat Crazy / Don't Front

- Villain X/Naughty Wood w 2AM/FM

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Artist Profile Bio:

Naughty Wood is a Minneapolis based electronic music artist, Disc Jock, Singer/Songwriter and Composer. The day he was born in 1975, his father purchased a high fidelity home sound system. It was here that an extensive record collection of Soul, Rock and Funk music was religiously played and heard, which gave inception to Naughty Wood's musical likings and influence.

During a late night gala at an unknown warehouse in the Twin Cities, he was Introduced to Traxx and the music of.
Inspired by the performance, Naughty Wood formed a bond and friendship with Traxx, which led them to form Kode.
After years of events and travels together, the two found themselves writing & recording in Queens New York with Traxx's label partner, International Deejay Gigolo's own Dj HELL.
The result of this collaboration is known as '
'Let No Man Jack', where Naughty Wood co-wrote lyrics along side "the Green Goblin"(aka Traxx).  
After receiving no credit for said work, without being discouraged Naughty Wood continued his music career in pursuit for truth within the music. He began collecting his own studio gear to write and record electronic music.

Recent work can be heard on the A-side of Nation's 2nd release.
The song 'Heartbeat Crazy' introduces original lyrics and vocals by Naughty Wood,
and four releases later on Nation 006, Sikk Truth came live with his lyrical content and vocal arrangement.
Both songs cultivate a presence which projects a raw, deep emotional state of being and consciousness.

Today he continues to challenge and express him self through the exploration of sound and electronica, which led to his participation in Traxx' and Beau Wanzers latest musical project Mutant Beat Dance, where once again his vocal delivery pumped the track into the playlist of every deckplayer worth mentioning. Naughty Wood's sparse vocals cry desperation, almost nearing insanity.
A force to be reckoned with!

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Naughty Wood